The following segment of this list of rules is in effect on a global scale for the GodWars brand. This means it applies to, but not limited to the GodWars Discord server and the GodWars Minecraft network.

[1] Refrain from using inappropriate language and/or inappropriate behaviour, such as:
 {1.1} Usage of foul language/swearing on GodWars assets as we are a PG server, however the usage of swear abbreviations are accepted.
 {1.2} Sexual content or discussion on any GodWars asset.
 {1.3} Toxicity towards GodWars Team members, or other members of GodWars.
 {1.4} Suicidal or depressing discussions or comments.
 {1.5} Posting pornographic (NSFW) content, links or messages.
 {1.6} Intentionally causing drama or being a problem in general. Political discussions for example are to be kept to a minimum.
 {1.7} Attempts to catfish or otherwise abuse players in an extremely inappropriate manner.

[2] Refrain from using any form of discrimination directly or indirectly, such as:
 {2.1} Having racial behavior or discussions, including using racial slurs.
 {2.2} Using disrespectful comments towards users, religions, or sexualities.
 {2.3} Posting homophobic or insensitive comments.
 {2.4} Bullying, harassing or putting down users, verbally or emotionally.

[3] Respect all members of the GodWars team, as well as other users. Examples follow:
 {3.1} No hate speech towards any members. GodWars is designed to be a safe space for players, and should be treated as such.
 {3.2} If you are told by a member of the staff team to drop a conversation or to stop saying something, you must respect their request.
 {3.3} "Mini-modding", or in other words acting as a member of the staff team while not being one, is not allowed. Instead of calling a user out yourself or telling them they were reported, message a staff member with appropriate evidence if necessary and leave it at that, as they will take care of the rest.
 {3.4} You are allowed to make appropriate jokes, however please make sure it is clear that it is a joke so as to not be misinterpreted.

Please note:
If you have a problem about how you were treated by a staff member, for example an abuse of permissions that hurts you, please go to the staff manager. If you believe a punishment you received is false, please create a ticket about it for further discussion.

[4] Threats of any kind are strictly prohibited. This includes:
 {4.1} DDoS threats upon a user, or performing one.
 {4.2} Doxxing players, or threatening to do so.
 {4.3} Death threats towards a user, or wishing death upon them.
 {4.4} Self-harm threats or suicide encouragement.
 {4.5} Blackmailing, or threatening to blackmail.
 {4.6} Scam threats.

[5] Evading punishments in any form is not allowed, examples follow:
 {5.1} Using another account to evade a mute or ban placed on your main (or another alternate) account.
 {5.2} Lying to avoid punishment(s).
 {5.3} Making yourself appear as the victim when you are in fact not.
 {5.4} Using other means to bypass punishments, for example books or signs in-game. Discord DMs do not apply to this.

[6] Advertisement of other networks is not permitted, such as:
 {6.1} Sharing the IPs to other Minecraft servers/invite links to other Discord servers. This also branches out to saying the names of other servers or having custom statuses with the purpose of advertising.
 {6.2} Personal website advertisement.
 {6.3} Advertising YouTube or Twich channels who are not affiliated with GodWars. However, showing others videos to help them with what they are doing is allowed (like building a house).
 {6.4} DM/PM advertising members of GodWars to join other servers.

[7] Keep our channels and chats clean, do not send several messages at once or send excessively huge messages of random characters containing links, emojis, letters or numbers to fill up the chat.

[8] Impersonation of anyone is not allowed, this includes GodWars team members, players or other content creators.

Please note:
Having the same name of anyone that falls under this category in our Discord server is okay, however you cannot pretend or claim to be that person.

[9] Asking for personal details of users is prohibited, such as:
 {9.1} Asking for someone's age with malicious intentions.
 {9.2} Asking for the location, address, postal code or neighborhood of a user.
 {9.3} Asking for any credentials or serial number.
 {9.4} Asking for full names of users, whereas revealing just the first name is permitted.

[10] Raiding, alting or botting the server(s) are strictly prohibited.  

The following segment of this list of rules is in effect on the GodWars Discord server specifically. This means it applies to content on the Discord server itself and not the Minecraft network, as some rules here cannot be applied globally or for the Minecraft network.

[1] Follow Discord ToS and community guidelines at all times.
 - Discord ToS:
 - Discord Community Guidelines:

[2] Do not post or sport inappropriate or malicious items, such as:
 {2.1} NSFW images and/or videos, including inappropriate profile pictures and names.
 {2.2} Links, files, or videos that contain viruses, malware, or a gif that will crash the Discord client.
 {2.3} Any content that directly or indirectly violates another rule.

The following segment of this list of rules is in effect on the GodWars Minecraft network specifically. This means it applies to content on the GodWars Minecraft server itself and not our Discord server, as some rules here cannot be applied globally or for the Discord server.

[1] GodWars is a premium server, not a cracked one. Services like tlauncher and MCLeaks (compromised accounts) are disallowed.

As the Minecraft network has not been released yet, there are no additional specific rules here at this time.

This list of disallowed modifications does not address specific clients, but rather modifications they offer that hinder the gameplay experience of other users or allow you to gain an unfair advantage. If a certain modification that is not in this list applies to that bolded statement, you shall not use it.

- Bhop hacks (Bunny hop)
- Derp hacks (Continuous movement of the head but only hitting in one direction)
- Killaura
- Anti knockback
- Aimbot
- Autoclickers
- Flight exploits
- Speed modifications

These rules may be updated or changed at any time without notice.

Members of the GodWars staff team are able to punish for rules that are not directly listed here, as long as it violates any common sense rules that should be known.