Introducing our Discord bot

Hello everyone, welcome to the introduction of our Discord bot post! I'm more than happy to announce that as for Saturday, April 3rd, we will be launching our custom bot!


• Invite Tracker (!invites, !topinvites)
• Level System with experience (!level, !toplevels)
• Ticket System
• Leaderboards
• Message Filtering
• Welcomer
• Fun Commands (!help for more info)
• Utility Commands (!help for more info)
• Auto Nicknamer
• Logger
• Suggestions & Bugreports (!suggest, !bugreport)

Screenshot taken at March 31

Thank you to everyone who worked on the discord bot, here's a list of all the credits!

• Cody Lynn - Lead Development
• hohos - QA Testing
• Aboscuss - Some documenation & QA Testing
• EmTae - Assistance Development
• MandMDub - Setting up the backend

I really hope you guys will enjoy the bot, please handle it with care, and have fun! <3